Ta da!!

Well, I finally did it, re-activated a blog.  Quite frankly, I thought I owed it to my facebook friends to stop subjecting them to such random wittering brought about by the machinations of my weirdly wired brain.

A bit about me, and what you have potentially let yourselves in for (don’t worry, there is a get out clause, and a 14 day cooling off period).

An eternal optimist (well, except when black dog nips), a mother, grandmother, care-giver, lover of life and believer in the magical mysteries and the wonders of this big old Universe.

I live in an old cottage deep in a majestic valley, steeped in history (both me and the valley that is), and when not at work, my mind is free to wobble unfettered around inside my rather cavernous and echoing skull.  This ultimately leads to multiple strings of randomness, occasionally joined together in a haphazard union of marvelously disjointed thoughts which you, my dear friend, are now being subjected to. (oh yes!)  I do, in fact, believe that there is a little person inside my head who delights in taking each string and tying it into ever more complex knots!

So, you have been warned! Now the journey begins, so strap yourselves in, oxygen masks and sick bags at the ready, let’s go!

Pedwar xx



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