Tosspot does it again

Well, no sooner had I finished talking about my charming tomcat’s not so charming antics, he manages to do it again!

Hearing scratching and crying at the window, I stood up from the computer forgetting I had a headset on, stumbling over said cat and promptly re-injure my writing arm. (ok so not entirely the cat’s fault this time admittedly).

I am sure he is on a mission you know. Earlier he was purring around the base of the computer where the microphone headset is plugged in, and now strangely ‘microphone not detected’… hmmm.  Do you think he is trying to tell me that he does not want me to sing today, as I had planned to duet with a friend online??

I think despite having 2 siblings, Mr T is demanding my fullest attention and is looking to cut down my time at the computer, one way or another! (Perhaps the man of the house put him up to it?).

Well Mr T (affectionately known a FFS), you may have won the battle today, but you have not won the war!  Time for some TV now, and no doubt that his highness will use his hypnotic skills to force me to change into my PJs and that ooh so fluffy dressing gown, planting himself on my lap like a baby hippo (him, not me – but then again..).  He will only relent his reign of tyranny once he realises it is supper time, then I will make my move, remaining upstanding for the rest of the evening no doubt.

He still remembers that cat’s were worshipped as Gods in ancient Egypt, and boy does he hanker back to his ancestoral roots, and wishes I would know my place!

Yes, I am a mug, I love the stupid, loving, adorable moggy, despite his solid displays of daily one-upmanship designed ultimately to test my nerves and train my body for a possible ninja attack at any time (or place).

Well, here’s to a night of truce in the household – I hear and obey you my Feline nemesis!

Pedwar xx


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