Life, the Universe and Everything

Well, what a fabulous night of girlie catch-ups I had in Cardiff last night. 4 old friends together once again – food, drink and laughter flowing – such a great feeling! As talk turned to general health topics, and the old battered bladder syndrome reared its head (many times, lol), pea-bladder was officially re-christened Urethra Franklin! I laughed so loud I nearly baptized her myself there and then!

The conversation flowed effortlessly, as it does with old friends, there was laughter, and briefly sobering moments, which rose and fell with a natural rhythm. We opened our hearts and souls last night, and for a moment, something quite magical happened. We don’t meet very often, but when we do, its like it was only yesterday, and time has no place or meaning in our world.

With talk ranging from ancient civilizations, long-lost knowledge, polar ice caps, UFOs, love, death, dying and spirituality, I think we covered just about EVERYTHING right there. With smiles on our faces, and sometimes tears in our eyes, we’d condensed much lost time into one magical evening together.

To quote our host “this is our time” and how right she is. It is our time, and we need to grab it tight with both hands and experience every single second that life gives to us and those around us. Our bodies may be showing the first signs of wear and tear, but damn it, between us at the table our total age (4 of us as friends and ex colleagues, plus one daughter and mother-law) was 327 years lived!! Crikey there’s a whole host of life experiences rolled up into a ball right there. So 2 vaguely dodgy bladders between us all is not at all bad in my book!

To beloved friends both here and departed, Urethra Franklin and I salute you all!

Pedwar xx






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