Long time no type …ah how I missed you

Greetings fellow humans 🙂

I’ve had a rest from blogging for a few weeks or so, but and up and ready for round two if you are?!

Well its official, there’s just no getting away from it or pussy-footing around the issue any more (all puns fully intended). My Tomcat, affectionately known as FFS has made a major life decision – he’s now having a trial period having identified himself as trans; that is trans-species, as he has decided that he is now a dog, more specifically a sheepdog. It may be a teenage phase, it may not, but whichever way he chooses I will of course support him wholeheartedly.

I’ve had an inkling for a while that he is no ordinary feline, and now its staring me right in the face (I do wish he wouldn’t get his tail quite so intimately acquainted with my nose – ewww). Did I encourage him to play fetch just a little too much?  Last week, just confirmed beyond all doubt his undeniable doggy traits.

The tomcat (otherwise know as FFS) has now learned how to herd sheep. As occasionally happens in this tiny piece of paradise, a Flock of Jacobs (lovely dark brown sheep) appeared in the garden.  I was just driving them towards the gate, when FFS suddenly rounds the corner of the driveway, and running full pelt he chased them in the opposite direction, resulting in the whole flock stampeding  through the garden, over the stream and out under the fencing into the field beyond. Hey ho, they obviously thought he was a small sheepdog; well he is black and white and was running directly at them. Sigh.

This was a defining moment for him – he tried it, and boy did he like it. He wishes for this trial period to be known only as Fido.

Best go buy a leash then eh?

Much love

Pedwar xx

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